Pragma360: FX

Bank / Broker

Algorithmic trading is a rapidly becoming a necessity in the FX industry. Leading asset managers and corporations demand execution algorithms from their banks, and the most profitable FX desks depend on algorithms to hedge their positions.

Pragma is an outsourced algorithmic trading specialist. Our turnkey solution integrates with your existing FX infrastructure to get you up and running quickly with a level of quality, control, and transparency that otherwise requires in-house algorithmic quant and trading technology teams. Working with Pragma allows you to focus your resources on your core business.

High Performance

Pragma’s deep, multi-asset-class expertise in algorithmic trading and our years spent analyzing FX market structure goes far beyond time-slicing.

Your Product, Your Brand

Provide your institutional clients with a customized algorithmic suite that they can access through FXConnect, FXAll, Bloomberg, and other OMS and EMS. Integrate with your own stream and provide clients with principal, hybrid, or agency algorithms.

Real-Time Monitoring

Your institutional clients demand fast, accurate information on everything from shortfall to routing details.

Our real-time monitoring tool provides your e-trading desk with a window onto algorithmic behavior as it happens and we can populate your risk management and compliance systems with street-side FIX messages.

Detailed Analytics

The FX market is moving toward greater transparency. Get granular TCA reports on performance and routing, both real-time and historical.

Fully Managed

Each client has a dedicated environment in our Equinix data centers that can easily scale to handle peak demand for a global bank, a broker, or an exchange.


Our business is providing great algorithmic trading solutions, and your success is our success. We are not an executing broker, a proprietary trading shop, an exchange, or a dark pool.