Pragma360: Equities

Investment Manager

Our mission is simple: We offer high performance algorithmic trading solutions that help our clients excel. We are not an executing broker, a proprietary trading shop, an exchange, or a dark pool.

Our turnkey solution gets you up and running quickly with a level of quality, control, and transparency that otherwise requires in-house algorithmic quant and trading technology teams. Working with Pragma allows you to focus your resources on generating alpha.

High Performance

Pragma360 marries high-performance algorithms with a data-driven worldview. We can collaborate with you on controlled trading experiments to improve execution and sort out reality from the latest marketing hype.

Total Control

Pragma is like an extension of your technology team: We tell you what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We give you advice, then implement your scheduling and routing policies.

Full Transparency

Working with Pragma means you own your trading data. We provide TCA reports plus as much granular detail as you want, down to street-side FIX messages to feed into your portfolio or risk management systems.

Fully Managed

Each client has a dedicated environment in our Equinix data center. Our enterprise-grade infrastructure handles tens of billions of shares for brokers, global banks, exchanges, and hedge funds.