Rigorous, continuous research is at the heart of
everything we build.

Pragma has a team of Ph.D.-practitioners focused on understanding market structure and its effect on trading results. Our researchers have academic backgrounds including parameter estimation, detection theory, statistical signal processing, computational physics, and microchip design, plus decades of experience in building and analyzing real-world trading systems.

At Pragma, we seek to deliver value through the simplest solution available. Sometimes our solutions challenge the conventional wisdom of algorithmic trading, but when building trading tools, we look for robust models that can be shown to deliver statistically measurable value using empirical data. When analyzing client data, we distinguish signal from noise, and are careful to identify and control for confounding variables. We work with clients and their trading data to understand and improve their particular trading results, run experiments, and analyze the results.

The markets are complex, noisy, and always changing. At Pragma, research is an ongoing process, and as our understanding of the financial universe improves, so do our products—and your results.